Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL), Guadalajara
   _Project project developed within Germen Estudio & Andrea Carrillo.

_For this project commissioned by CONACYT for the International Book Fair (FIL) at Guadalajara, we designed a pavilion that would function as a central island, like a platform, a "huaca," or an islet, consolidating in its central volume all the required services for reception, cashiers, book exhibition and sales, trees, green areas, and various seating zones.

_By consolidating the majority of the program in the center of the space, we left a free perimeter for circulation and for activation with public workshops, conversations, book presentations, and other emerging events.

_This scheme of a medium-height central island without walls, allowing for a complete view of the space, is accompanied by a large, unique wall adjacent to the neighboring pavilion. This wall is utilized as a graphic and general information resource, serving as a graphic and visual landscape that complements the CONACYT Pavilion, communicating its main guidelines.

_Both the perimeter wall and the central island were designed in a modular fashion so that the pavilion can be reused on other occasions, either in its entirety or partially. The modules can be reconfigured in terms of location to achieve different compositions.