[Co]lumns. Plug-in installations for ever-changing workspaces  

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. Barcelona

   _Pavilion Workplace Competition in collaboration with Maria Karagianni.
_[Co]lumns aims to generate a workspace that can easily adapt to the ever-changing demands of contemporary work environments. This is acheived by incorporating the basic structural shapes, which act as versatile infrastructure waiting to be customized for specific work needs.

_Within the interior of the renowned Barcelona Pavilion, four foundational columns made by the USM junctions have been installed to articulate the office equipment and create collaborative and team-oriented syntheses. Teams of different sizes can configure their departments around each tower, utilizing them as central stations for their field operations.

_A second  room has been designed to host both formal and informal meetings, featuring an independent  entrance for the guests. This space, while partly isolated from the rest of the workspace, maintains transparency and, by facing the private pool, takes advantage of the privileged view to the famous sculpture.

_The exterior area uses the same shapes to provide both employees and guests with an alternative leisure space during their breaks. These elements are thoughtfully distributed throughout the area, serving both decorative and functional purposes. The overall ambiance of the exterior area intends to evoke an essence of an archaeological USM site, where the  pre-existing site elements and the new, light USM additions coexist harmoniously.